Ven - 'Domus Amicitia' means 'House of Freindship', if google translate is to be believed.
add what you want, what makes you smile, where you crave to live.

Niall - Greeting, fellow humans.
It has dawned on me that I have not yet posted on this particular blog, despite the fact it was a promise I made that started the project.
This promise was that if I ever won the lottery, I would buy an island with a house on it, and that any minion could come and live in the house, without having to worry about money or anything of that ilk.
I am serious about that promise.
Domus Amicitia, in the unlikely event I ever win the lottery, will be a paragon of friendship, a beacon in the sea of contempt that is our world. Anything you guys want, you can have.
You know that game people play? "What [BLANK] would you take to a desert island"? You guys would be my blank. I can think of no people I would rather live with.
So please, come in. Grab an armchair, put up your feet, read a book. If you ever want to contribute, drop Ven an email and we'll add you to the team.

I love you guys.
I hope I win the lottery.