Ven - 'Domus Amicitia' means 'House of Freindship', if google translate is to be believed.
add what you want, what makes you smile, where you crave to live.

Niall - Greeting, fellow humans.
It has dawned on me that I have not yet posted on this particular blog, despite the fact it was a promise I made that started the project.
This promise was that if I ever won the lottery, I would buy an island with a house on it, and that any minion could come and live in the house, without having to worry about money or anything of that ilk.
I am serious about that promise.
Domus Amicitia, in the unlikely event I ever win the lottery, will be a paragon of friendship, a beacon in the sea of contempt that is our world. Anything you guys want, you can have.
You know that game people play? "What [BLANK] would you take to a desert island"? You guys would be my blank. I can think of no people I would rather live with.
So please, come in. Grab an armchair, put up your feet, read a book. If you ever want to contribute, drop Ven an email and we'll add you to the team.

I love you guys.
I hope I win the lottery.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I promise that there might be some coherence at some point possibly maybe.


  1. That is soo KEWL
    So are the photos of that Library in the previous post!! It's like HEAVAN I would to live in that house!!

  2. NJ, do you want me to add you as a contributor?